Tuesday, March 16

(blog awards and paper moons)

a million love-kisses to danica who passed on this lovely award to me. here are seven facts about myself, and seven others i have tagged;

▲  i don't love big cities because they make me uncomfortable ie london, paris, ny

▲  my grandmother is half chinese and half indian, but i'm mostly malay & my
boyfriend's half norwegian-half malay

▲  i like having bowls and glasses and forks and spoons and chairs that don't match; i tried to buy two   plates of the same kind once, during lunch one bounced off and broke into three pieces

▲  star wars episode two was really really bad (if one asked me)

▲  i have seven words in the whole of my name, and 19 piercings

▲ i always have a big yellow bowl full of chopped up fruits in my fridge, always always

▲  i have a Box of Travels to which i add money every week


  1. such wonderful moon photos, thank you
    my daughter's middle name is moon
    Lola Moon :)

  2. Anonymous16/3/10

    These images are so so so so beautiful, are they your own or did you find them elsewhere? Thank you for sharing these fascinating secrets about yourself.

  3. Those pictures are so charming, sugar.
    "▲ i have a Box of Travels to which i add money every week"
    I also have one of those.
    I hope you manage to travel everywhere you want in the world :)

  4. Anonymous16/3/10

    Goodness, thank you for tagging me. I don't believe I deserve an award, but I appreciate it very much, thank you!

  5. lovely! thank you :]

  6. ooh, 19 piercings! finding out stuff like this is my favourite part of tagging people. i loved reading more about you :)

  7. what is your name? :)

  8. You have an Arabic name!! I think that is amazing!

  9. The photos are precious

  10. i think that maybe this is off of the subject, but everytime i come to your blog and read your "i am" section on the top right, for some reason the last two sentences bring little tears to my eyes; they're so terribly beautiful, in the saddest way. and i don't think you are the colour of charcoal-- i think you are the color of beauty.


  11. thankyou for your kind words. i love your blog, keep it up =] x

  12. where are these amazing photos from? i can't read the print on your blog its so teeny tiny for my eyes. :(

  13. Wonderful pictures! The tag sounds like fun. :)

  14. no worries darling. i still visit your blog anyhow. haha.