Sunday, December 20

with painted-on shoes, i skipped to london


  1. your blog is poetic and I heart heart it!
    I was first curious because you put your nickname in my mother toungue...but I am surprised I could not find any traces of indonesian language in your blog and that makes everything mroe interesting!

  2. hello! :)

    thank you so much. i love how your blog has bits of french in it, my french is so bad, but i try! to answer your query, i'm malaysian hehe. that explains it all. i live in vancouver at the moment, and i wish i could write poems in malay- but i'm rubbish at it. i'm inspired to write in bahasa though. maybe i will soon. my name's jehan by the way. so nice to meet you!

    bisous xxx

  3. this day looks like such a wonderful adventure.
    i was there this past summer. oh how i miss it so.

  4. indeed, it's been so long since i've been back there. i used to live there when i was younger and didn't like london. hehe. i'm wiser now C: it's so much better when i'm older!

    thank you for stopping by,