Thursday, December 24

"Also I could hear Amanda's voice: Why are you being so weak? Love's never a fair trade. So Jimmy's tired of you, so what, there's guys all over the place like germs, and you can pick them like flowers and toss them away when they're wilted. But you have to act like you're having a spectacular time and every day's a party".

Excerpt from the Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood


  1. Anonymous24/12/09

    Hello, i do believe you have commented my blog before; dearest, I have fallen upon your blog and have fallen quite in love. your description of yourself is exactly how i feel; "insomnia-esque tendencies make me weep. I wish I lived in the 20s, or under the sea. A compulsive collector of The Silly and old things and fallen stars" this is beautiful.
    I will be visiting your blog often and oftener. It is quite delightful ♥
    xoxo olivia

  2. like germs! Haha Salute!

    I love your quote! When I am in the ugliest mood, I could become so cruel that things like this sometimes wander around...

    But it is hillarious, don't you think so?:)

    Happy Christmas!

  3. such a lovely excerpt.
    have a wonderful, happy christmas!

  4. What an interesting quote, thank you so much for sharing, dear :) I have heard a lot about Margaret Atwood, even though I never read something of hers. I really must. <3