Friday, November 28

mad is our conscious fate
that of greed and arrogance and everything dark, as dark as you can imagine
is it not enough to close our eyes?
must we hold gold in front of scared faces?
one life, two lives, a million lives
all etched in perfect pretense
but we are all liars
when the tongues of truth are screaming at us

i am disgusting and putrid;
for when She is red and sore, and her thighs ache from his force
or when His teeth are gritted as his flesh turns to ashes from the evil fireworks
or when They pray for a drop of water from the arid permanence, little hands more brave than hercules,
i am merely here, with parts and pieces in material boredom
watching, unashamed, unaffected, inhumane, a careless tear to make the guilt subside
with our petty expressions of discontent and,
non-utterance of gratefulness,
we are as lost as souls can be

where are we?
how can we share this world, never being able to grasp a suffering of mind and body
we deserve not this land, this earth, their presence.
are the filth.

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