Saturday, November 29

6 1/2 guilty pleasures off the top of my head:

1) emma arvida elisabeth bystrom with her trumpet and ever-changing hair, lulu and her mom & olsens anonymous
2) the hills and then, perhaps, looking for photographs of vanessa hudgens (whatever don't judge, i'd rather sew my tongue to my cheek then experience that musical blarb or her other "talents" but i think she's cute, scandal and all)
4) really good yoghurt + peanut butter and banana roll
5) singing sinatra at the top of my lungs whilst pasting post-its of "wise" quotes around my flat
6) pulling at my hair in the off chance it might grow at a more accelerated pace
6 1/2) ...frowning at the other girls who aren't growing they're hair out because they have hair as long as i did and didn't get their friends to butcher it in boredom and boy-girl ratio of 2:1.

7) (just for measure) reading anderson cooper's wikipedia entry over and over and over again.

i recall doing all of this on monday tuesday wednesday thursday. but not today.

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