Wednesday, June 16


  1. This is a glorious, mesmerising picture. I wish I had been there that night, just a speck of dust floating among the gunpowder blooms. x

  2. Oh no! I notice your beautifully written description has gone, replaced by "dead/black/vapid". Those words, I was hoping they would never disappear. I used to read that description every time I visited your blog, because it is so wonderful. However, I understand that everything must change eventually. I just hope one day perhaps you will consider putting it back up on your blog. x

  3. (I really love comment here, thanks to the small message that you have written: "oh dream boys and girls, for goodness' sake, dream!
    there is nothing littler, bigger, nor as
    Marvelous as your dreams."...) and this photo is great :) It has inspired me for a work that I have to do. Saludos!

  4. tia,

    thank you dear. oh i'm sorry about the description. i did keep it, of course. but i took them down because right now, i feel as though they aren't...right, i suppose, a little uncomfortable. maybe one day, yes. x