Tuesday, March 9


 ----we wanted to move in to this place, but the one we liked was rented out already. i need to find
a new place with massive windows, exposed beams, and red bricks. then it'll feel like home.


  1. ahahaha this is awesome, how did you find this kind of stuff? i mean, i know it't youtube but this must be old! wonder what indonesian musical films were similar to this! (i'm originally from indonesia)

  2. wow! exchange looks like a beautiful place to live... so sorry that the one you were eyeing is rented out already though!

    i do live in vancouver but most of my time is spent studying in montreal, and now i'm in sweden for the year. thanks for stopping by my blog and i'm so glad you did because i am loving everything on yours! i'll definitely be back for more. :)

  3. So nostalgic...:) You make me miss home and my childhood.

    Oh dear I do not have tumblr because I feel it is not necessary. I am not a good photographer and I would rather share my words... I do want to learn how to get a good photo, though sometimes I believe you should take it as if you are encrypting the memory on your mind.
    What about you?:)

  4. HEARTS!!! Jeritan Batinku is also good...ah, those days.

  5. x
    your blog always leaves me inspired...