Monday, February 22

Lolita / 1997
based on the novel by
vladimir nabokov


  1. These stills are beautiful! I'm terribly behind and am yet to read the book or see the film.

  2. i saw a couple of blogs posting about this movie but i haven't actually watched it. looks like something to add to my movie-to-watch list.

  3. oh, this book and movie are so, so, so utterly dear to me; my book copy's cover has torn off from so many readings, and i could watch the movie over. and over. and over. and over again! it never bores me, it's just too good. and, funny thing about this movie-- ben and i just looked at a house that looks exactly like the haze household in the movie! i saw it and immediately thought of the house, and no one believed me so I had to show them :)
    and i was right, of course!

    hope you are well, dear girl.


  4. nice screenshots!
    thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! you have such a nice one too, love your lay-out and everything on your blog. it looks cute :)
    i'll follow you!

  5. beautiful screenshots! i have yet to see this film and must check it out soon.

  6. it's wonderful.
    pure all.
    oh, and this is my song of the day, seems right...
    ...but without beeing sad, just because it#s so beautiful...

  7. Anonymous24/2/10

    Hello dear, thank you for following me on tumblr.

    I have not yet read Lolita but it is on my list of books to read...