Thursday, February 11

I miss being home. I miss being somewhere familiar and comfortable. Noise
and lights and craze is fun fun fun fun fun but not all the time, not when you're
a twenty-something with a perpetual headache and creaking back bones.
Not particularly when Every Day consists of zips of light. Home is where
it's hot and humid and sticky and kind of gross, but you love it. It's where
you under-appreciate and over-defend, full of silly people who understand
your "idiomatic expressions". Right this very second, I miss batik, spice, old
malaya speakers who say things like Falsafah! and the abundant remnants of
colonialism that grew and grew, making us





  1. you need to take a bubble bath while listening to nature sounds.

  2. Ah, I am lucky and you must see them some day! I had not been to an exhibition for awhile and this may sound real stupid but I forgot how big paintings are and they were just beautiful.
    Do you know the artist Edward Burne-Jones? HIs work is also amazing and he used to live in Birmingham UK where I live now so we are very lucky to have in our own city the biggest collection of his work in the world, and occasionally they get them all out! xxx

  3. There is a strong warm atmosphere in your words. I am tired of these zippy lights, also. Take me with you, my dear.

  4. Hello! Thank you SO MUCH for commenting, I'm so glad that you did becuase you've led me to this wonderful world of yours. Your words and choice of images are beautifully unique. I'm going to stay around here for a while.

    Home. Oh please listen to Home is where your heart is by the sounds, I'm sure it'll fit this post perfectly.


  5. Ooh glad you liked it! *Arni Schwartz accent* I'll be back!