Tuesday, December 29

i haven't written anything in a while. or i have, but i feel like i have not. and that is only natural. there is a sense of urgency- that i need to compensate. i know not why. it's that lingering incompetence. that dark, pulling, dying, crackling incompetence. i want to take beautiful photographs and paint beautiful images; of leaves and hope and magic, but there is nothing in me. i know because i see it in others. it seems so effortless to catch the light, i so wish that i could. maybe someday. perhaps when i let it alone for just a little while, only because one shouldn't push and push and push.

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  1. i know that feeling. too often i find myself comparing my work to other's and i feel so talentless...

    i just found your blog and there is something so delicate and beautiful about it <3

    happy new year!