Saturday, March 14

i want to be so in love that i am self-destructive
i want you to whisper how cold it is against my collarbone
i want you to bite my fingers
i want you to trip me while we skip by the water
i want to hear your heart galloping against my red cheek
i never want to hear the words fall out of your mouth
but i know you'll let that train run over you if i stood still in front of it
i want to love that i go blind
i will go blind

as long as i feel the edge of your torn sadness
as long as we are fragile


  1. feera16/3/09

    i believe,
    that to love until i go blind would make me lose too much of myself.

    i hope that wouldnt happen in MY lifetime.

  2. that's the thing though. there is no such love, it's too beyond us- that's my point. i wish we could feel it, but we can't. we abuse. that's only way we know how to experience it. and the kind of 'blind' that people experience as we know it, isn't what i'm talking about. that's not blindness, that's just ignorance.

    the way i think it would be (should it exist), your other senses kick in. the experience is never-ending. blind..because we can never truly see.