Thursday, March 19

"i heard from someone you're still pretty."
i used to knead my fingers through your hair, as if it made the most beautiful sounds. then as happy began to wean, i thought you were mad. i thought you meant to rape our trust and laugh at it until it died. like when daddy left the door wide open and all the outsiders tried to steal our air. it hurt us. i thought you meant to show me the blade then drive it through over and over and over and over. but that was alright. the fence had holes in them where i could peek through if you made me nervous, it was very telling. they told me a smile only lasted a few seconds. when time lost its song, i stopped liking you, your frown was too thin and your eyes told truthful lies, lies we promised we wouldn't tell each other. i got lost in it. you found your way through. now that i reached the doors, i know you are a good man and i am a good song...only sometimes good men and good songs are impossibilities.