Tuesday, February 17

of the boy who smells like zip-lock
i don't know why. tingly tingly, i don't remember what that is like. i don't remember the crazy sweet darkness, or the clutching till the tips of my fingers turn red. i don't want to know what it's all about again, i tell myself no, it's not my salvation. but it's sorta different when you don't stop breathing. it just doesn't matter that you go, and it doesn't matter if you stay, either way it's the same but it's different but it's very cool and i like it, and maybe you. yeah, you're definitely cool.


  1. KAMevIL22/2/09

    who's this? got a secret crush gg? ;)

  2. not at all kamil. i wish, but it's harder than it seems lol. i'm just trying to make ppl wonder what the hell i'm writing about and make their own quite varied conclusions, to make me seem like i have more to offer as an individual when i do not. it's fun to play. hahahaha.

    i kid. or not. maybe.
    but answer to your question is: no one in particular, yes to an ideal. no to an individual, and no to a secret one, but yes to obvious crushes on lovely friends and their companionship. including inquisitive kazakh ones. :D hehe peace