Friday, December 5

thank goodness for 80s realist cartoons. doesn't jem remind you of the good ol' days? cartoons make me happy yes they do. and yes sir i do realize that this show shouldn't really be targeting young girls what with its money-&-sex undertone. maybe 'tis why we eighties children are so sexually driven, yes i said it.

oh god it has surreptitiously dawned on me lately that i may secretly love the eighties.


  1. The Jem videos make purple, pink and blue hair seem so beautifully soft and attractive. Love em.

    Your blogging is so random, in a fleeting, carefree, "wuwuzzat?" way.

    I miss your random from-afar smiles/waves. xxx

  2. why hello aisyah :) haha well, it isn't to me, but i get it would be to others :p aww, miss that too!

    nice to hear from you hon;