Sunday, December 28

we were on the the way to fukuya when grandpa got text messages saying yamtuan negeri passed away. although i never got to meet him personally, from stories and such i believe he was good man. gramps and grandma will be heading back to seri menanti today, and so will tok kuala lumpur i presume. grandpa, who went to the palace a few months back for a visit, to lighten the sombre mood, told us of how they had a joked to each other about who will 'go' first. can you imagine, living 86 years on this earth? maybe it's in the blood, but enek only passed away last year (i remember that day so clearly) at 92. not many get to have a close relationship with one's great-grandmother after all, and she always remembered our names.

rest in peace.

p/s did you know that yamtuan graduated from oxford?

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