Saturday, September 29

i hate packing.

i hate boxes.

i hate the mountains of dust in my room.
(excuse me while i sneeze)

i never knew i had so much junk.
when i mean junk, i mean pieces of Anything that i keep because it triggers memories.
like really odd things ie used baskin-robbins cup complete with pink spoon, purple paper hat, piece of string (i know, i know).
and these are things i don't want to throw away, but alas,


i shan't continue my rather obsessive-compulsive behavior.

so i've packed about 70% of my worldly belongings, including the necessary and the not so necessary.
may i just say that...i managed to pack everything into, so far, 7 boxes. hmm.
and they're not very big boxes.


i think i'm giving away most of my things. bye bye things :(
oh, but i'm happy to say, collectively, i have found almost 200 bucks lying around in my room.

okay. my back hurts. ta.

i swear dust is the devil..

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