Wednesday, September 19

amirah coloured oscar panky's ears pink again. poor thing.

my ulcers are getting better, so i can talk again.
(is that groaning i hear?)
it was getting a bit tiring what with the HUHs and WHAAAATs.
last week, it was rather bad.
i went to tesco with aim, and i couldn't say a word.
which was the green light for him to make fun of me,
i'd start mouthing and pointing at things,
and he'd be laughing and making faces,
and the other customers were looking at us funny.

yes. 'twas fun.


  1. oh fuck. enzo!! sorry for the cursing. cant fit my excruciating pain of wanting a noble car like that anywhere. nways. didja see the amg's and m3's? hahaha.. lovely arent they?


  2. m3 i didn't see, but yeah amg's.

    woooooh. hehe. <3